Connecting virtual worlds with the physical world

Coastercoin is a proprietary payments network designed exclusively for the metaverse. The more time users spend engaged with your brand virtually, the more coastercoins they earn. Coastercoins are earned virtually, but can only be used in person to drive monetization and traffic back to your brand.

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Converting virtual engagement in games into real life traffic and monetization.


We take leading brands and create virtual experiences for them. Drive engagement with your brand and find new customers and brand partners. Even when customers can't be at your place of business in person, they'll have access to your virtual experience 24/7.


Coastercoin is a rewards program that is earned exclusively in certain Roblox games. The more time a user spends engaging with your brand, the more coastercoins they earn.


Coastercoins can only be used in-person, driving incremental traffic and revenue to your brand. Our payment system enables seamless integration across virtual and in person environments.

Bridging virtual and physical worlds.

Six Flags Metaverse

Coming this July 2024, Six Flags is officialy enterting the metaverse. Coastercoin partnered with Six Flags to create the world's most immersive virtual theme park experience. Users can earn coastercoins virtually and use for in-person rewards on their next visit.

Coming Soon